International Programme committee

The role of the conference IPC is as follows:-
  • To advise on the organisation of the conference;
  • To promote the conference and bring it to the attention of other researchers;
  • To advise on the topics of the conference;
  • To help with the paper review process;
  • To assist in monitoring overall quality.
We are grateful for their valuable assistance.

If you would be interested in joining the IPC please contact us.


Name Affiliation
Dr. Mohamed Abbas UDES/CDER, Algeria 
Dr. Kouzou Abdellah Djelfa University, Algeria 
Prof. Abdel Ghani Aissaoui University of Bechar, Algeria 
Dr. Mahmood Alam University of Brighton, UK 
Dr. Nader Anani University of Chichester, UK 
Dr Martin Anda Murdoch University, Australia 
Prof. Shady Attia University of Liege, Belgium 
Prof. Ahmad Taher Azar Benha University, Egypt 
Dr. Magda Baborska-Narozny Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland 
Dr. Gabriele Bernardini Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Italy 
Dr. Stephen Berry University of South Australia, Australia 
Prof Frede Blaabjerg Aalborg University, Denmark 
Dr. Samuel Brunner Empa, Switzerland 
Prof. Alfonso Capozzoli Politecnico di Torino, Italy 
Prof. Francesco Causone Politecnico di Milano, Italy 
Dr. Boris Ceranic Derby University, UK 
Prof. Mohammed Chadli University of Picardie Jules Verne, France 
Prof Christopher Chao The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 
Dr. Fathia Chekired UDES/CDER, Algeria 
Dr George Zhen Chen University of Strathclyde, UK 
Dr. Giacomo Chiesa Politecnico di Torino, Italy 
Dr. Alfonso Chinnici The University of Adelaide, Australia 
Dr. Marta Chinnici ENEA, Italy 
Prof. Francesco Calise Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy 
Prof. Dulce Coelho Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, ISEC, Portugal 
Dr. Stefano Cascone University of Catania, Italy 
Prof. Pooya Davari Aalborg University, Denmark 
Prof. Mohamed Djemai Universite de Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambresis, France 
Prof. Tomislav Dragicevic Aalborg University, Denmark 
Dr Sonja Dragojlovic-Oliveira University of West England, UK 
Dr Mahieddine Emziane Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi 
Prof. Youssef Errami Chouaib Doukkali University, Morocco 
Prof. Najib Essounbouli Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne, France 
Dr. Stefano Fantucci Politecnico di Torino, Italy 
Dr. Fatima Farinha Universidade do Algarve, Portugal 
Dr Tiago Miguel Ferreira University of Minho, Portugal 
Prof. Antonio Gagliano University of Catania, Italy 
Dr. Michal Ganobjak Empa, Switzerland 
Prof. George Georghiou University of Cyprus, Cyprus 
Dr. Elisa Di Giuseppe Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy 
Dr. Cheng Siew Goh Heriot-Watt University, Malaysia 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars-O. Gusig University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, Germany 
Dr. Atif Iqbal Qatar University, Qatar 
Prof. Hong Jin Harbin Institute of Technology, China 
Assoc. Prof. Mohammad Arif Kamal Aligarh Muslim University, India 
Prof. George Karani Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK 
Prof. Khalil Kassmi Mohamed Premier University, Morocco 
Prof. John Kinuthia University of South Wales, UK 
Prof. Denia Kolokotsa Technical University of Crete, Greece 
Prof. Sumathy Krishnan North Dakota State University, USA 
Dr. Akos Lakatos University of Debrecen, Hungary 
Dr. John Littlewood Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK 
Assis. Prof. Valerio Lo Verso Politecnico di Torino, Italy 
Prof. Dr. Bruno Marques Universidade Lusiada do Norte, Portugal 
Prof. Antonio Gomes-Martins University of Coimbra, Portugal 
Prof. Marco Carlo Masoero Politecnico di Torino, Italy 
Dr. Jasper Mbachu Bond University, Australia 
Dr. Nachida Kasbadji Merzouk CDER, Algeria 
Prof Ahmed Mezrhab University Mohammed First, Oujda, Morocco 
Dr. Pablo Benitez Mongelos University of Aveiro, Portugal 
Mr Jon Moorhouse University of Liverpool, UK 
Prof. Eugenio Morello Politecnico di Milano, Italy 
Dr. Michele Morganti Sapienza University of Rome, Italy 
Prof Nacer Kouider M'Sirdi Laboratoire des Sciences del’Information et des Systèmes, France 
Prof Aziz Naamane Aix Marseille Universite, France 
Dr. Benedetto Nastasi Tu Delft University of Technology, Netherlands 
Prof Francesco Nocera University of Catania, Italy 
Mr. Emeka Efe Osaji Leeds Beckett University, UK 
Dr. Paul Osmond University of New South Wales, Australia 
Dr. Fabiana Silvero Prieto University of Aveiro, Portugal 
Prof. Abdelhamid Rabhi MIS Amiens, France 
Prof. João Ramos Polytechnic of Leiria, Portugal 
Prof. Carlo Renno University of Salerno, Italy 
Prof. Saffa Riffat Nottingham University, UK 
Dr Eric Roberts AECOM, UK 
Prof. Fernanda Rodrigues University of Aveiro, Portugal 
Prof. Antonio Ruano University of Algarve, Portugal 
Dr. Atul Sagade Renewable Energy Innovation and Research Foundation, India 
Dr. Wilfried van Sark Utrecht University, Netherlands 
Assist. Prof. Francesca Scalisi University of Palermo, Italy 
Prof. Gaetano Antonio Sciuto University of Catania, Italy 
Mrs Geraldine Seguela University of Technology Sydney, Australia 
Assoc. Prof. Begum Sertyesilisik Istanbul Technical University, Turkey 
Dr. Anjali Sharma Krishan Architect Planner, India 
Prof. Nilkanth N.Shinde Shivaji University, India 
Dr. Marina Sokolova Orel State University, Russia 
Prof Shyam Lal Soni Malaviya National Institute of Technology, India 
Prof. Fionn Stevenson The University of Sheffield School of Architecture, UK 
Dr. Ali Tahri University of science and technology of Oran Mohamed Boudiaf, Algeria 
Prof. Giuseppe Marco Tina University of Catania, Italy 
Mrs. Linda Toledo De Montfort University, UK 
Prof. Paolo Tronville Politecnico di Torino, Italy 
Dr Simon Tucker Liverpool John Moores University, UK 
Mrs. Maria Unuigbe Leeds Beckett University, UK 
Prof. Romeu Vicente University of Aveiro, Portugal 
Dr. Simon Walters University of Brighton, UK 
Prof. Huai Wang Aalborg University, Denmark 
Prof. Xiongfei Wang Aalborg University, Denmark 
Dr. Jannis Wernery Empa, Switzerland 
Assoc. Prof. Sara Wilkinson University of Technology Sydney, Australia 
Prof. Yongheng Yang Aalborg University, Denmark 
Prof. Geun Young Yun Kyung Hee University, South Korea 
Prof. Smail Zouggar University Mohammed first Oujda, Morocco