Doctoral Track

Please note that due to unforeseen problems, it will not be possible to arrange for poster presentations, and Doctoral Track submissions will be presented as short structured oral presentations.

Work-in-progress papers on all topics relevant to the conference are invited from research students (part time or full time) wishing to bring their work to the attention of the research community.

Submissions are invited on topics relating to Sustainability in Energy and Buildings topics.

Papers will be subjected to a 'light touch' review by members of the Programme Committee and accepted or rejected on the basis of quality and relevance to the conference.

Doctoral Track Submissions

Submissions to the Doctoral Track may take the form of an abstract of 0.5-1 page describing the programme of work being undertaken, or optionally a short paper of 1-6 pages.

Doctoral Track Papers/Abstracts should be prepared using the guidance notes to be found here .. here ..

Papers should be submitted as PDF documents through the PROSE online submission system.

Doctoral Track papers will be published as open-access web publications in SEB Research Advances along with the Powerpoint used in the presentation, in the KES Open Access Library (KOALA).

There is no requirement to complete a copyright form, as papers are published under the KOALA copyright agreement, available for viewing .. here ..

Publication Files

When the PDF copy of the paper has been accepted you will receive an email asking for the publication files. At this point the following files are required:-
-- A full set of word-processor files for the camera-ready paper, in MS Word or LaTeX, including all image files necessary to fully reproduce it
-- A PDF copy of the full paper, made from these source files, with all comments and page numbering removed
-- A summary of the paper of about 100 words in TEXT

Doctoral Track Presentations

Doctoral Track papers will be presented in a dedicated session as short presentations (5-10 minutes) accompanied by about 6 powerpoint slides having the following content

Slide 1: Title of investigation, name and affiliation of author
Slide 2: Introduction and background to the project
Slide 3: Aim and objectives - what is the project intended to acheive?
Slide 4: Programme of work - how will the aim and objectives be achieved?
Slide 5: Current progress - what have you acheived so far, including a summary of any results obtained?
Slide 6: Next steps in the investigation

The above format is a minimum requirement, but additional slides may be added if the author requires it.

Senior members of the conference organising committee will make themselves available during these presentations to provide feedback on the programme of work presented.

As an alternative to the above format, a presentation in conventional format may be made, but this would be better done through the Short Paper track.

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